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What is PrTMS?

PrTMS® may provide an alternative treatment for patients — even when other treatments have failed

About PrTMS®

Brain arrhythmia™ is believed by some to be the underlying cause of many mental health symptoms and conditions. However, millions of Americans with diagnosed mental and physical health challenges related to brain function are subject to therapies that provide symptom management only, with limited options to treat the root cause of their conditions.

PrTMS® is an innovative therapeutic approach that is designed to:

Why personalization matters

You would not prescribe the same dose or even the same drug to every patient — even if they had the same symptoms or condition. The same should be true with TMS therapy. However, with conventional TMS, essentially the same therapy is delivered to every patient — regardless of their condition, circumstance, or degree of brainwave frequency disturbance.

Normal brainwave frequencies range from 8 to 12 hertz, with the exact number varying from individual to individual. Conventional TMS therapy often takes a one-size-fits-all approach by seeking to align patients to the average – about 10 hertz. In contrast, PrTMS® therapy is designed to align brainwaves to the patient’s personal optimal frequency.

PrTMS® Harnesses the Power of EEG

In the field of mental health, neurocognitive tests are the standard for evaluating how patients feel and respond to treatment. While this is key subjective data, PrTMS® goes further to also collect electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwave activity data for an objective look at how a patient’s brain is functioning. Along with neurocognitive test data, irregularities in cortical activity detected with EEGs are analyzed to inform treatment.